Accidentally Perfect

Sometimes you say everything when you say nothing at all.


Everyone’s convinced the hottest guy in school’s going to ask me out - that Mason and I would be the perfect couple, that he’s my John Cusack. Except, he hasn’t.

One holidays, I find myself hanging out with the resident underachiever, and he surprises me. With Roman, I don’t have to pretend that little Piper Barlow is perfect; even if we’re both in a foul mood, just sitting in silence together is perfectly enough. Until it becomes more.

But, Roman doesn’t do more. Does he...?

What do you do when you accidentally find perfection with the wrong guy?

You fight for it.

'Accidentally Perfect' is a story about finding support in the least likely of places, never giving up, and learning that being the real you is always perfect.

NB: Not suitable for younger readers due to mature content.


  • Format: Paperback |

  • Dimensions: 129 x 198 x 30mm |

  • Publication date: 06 Apr 2018

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