Cover Design

Whether you are publishing for yourself, commercially or to wholesalers, the team at Sleeping Dragon Books can create a stunning cover for any purpose both for print and ebook.

We can create covers for any trim size and for any platform/distributor. We work with you to discuss layout options, fonts, themes, and images. For examples of our previous cover designs, please click here.

We have extensive experience formatting for:

  • Ingram/Spark

  • CreateSpace

  • Lulu

  • KDP ebook and Print

How much will it cost?

Print cover designs are charged at a flat fee of $150


ebook cover designs are charged at a flat fee of $100.

Cover designs for print and ebook are charged at a flat fee of $200.

What does this cost include?

For the above price, you will own all rights to the cover images.

The prices include two re-drafts/edits, placement of a barcode, and all images necessary for the cover design.

How does it work?

The first step is to contact us so we can ensure we have the time and expertise to work on your cover design - we don't want to be making any promises that we can't keep.

We'll work out a schedule based on mutual availability, then you'll receive a $50 deposit invoice by email (this amount is discounted from your final invoice). Once that is paid, we'll discuss how you want your cover to look; our preference is email so we have a written record for our notes. From there, we'll get to work. When we're finished, we'll send you the invoice for the remaining costs due and your files.

How long does it take?

Once we have your files and deposit, it will take four to six weeks for us to send back your files.