Manuscript Assessments

Sleeping Dragon Books now offers Manuscript Assessments. Our prices might seem low, but be assured this is only because this is a new venture for us.

What is a Manuscript Assessment?

A manuscript assessment is not the same as a line edit or a proofread (although, we offer those, too; just click here). An assessment looks at the story as a whole. This includes areas such as plot, character, dialogue, pacing, setting, voice, and narrative and character arcs. We will look at the strengths and weakness of your manuscript, and offer suggestions as to how you can improve your writing in our report.

What genres do we assess?

At the moment, we are only able to appraise fiction manuscripts.

Sleeping Dragon Books specialises in Young Adult fiction and all related sub-genres.

What does it cost?

The cost of a manuscript assessment from Sleeping Dragon Books will depend on the length of the work.

How does it work?

A manuscript assessment means us working with you, and vice versa. To that end, if you are interested in a manuscript assessment from Sleeping Dragon Books, then the first step is to contact us so we can ensure we have the time and expertise to assess your manuscript - we don't want to be making any promises that we can't keep.

We'll work out a schedule based on mutual availability, then you'll receive a $50 deposit invoice by email (this amount is discounted from your final invoice). Once that is paid and your files are received, we'll get to work. When we're finished, we'll send you the invoice for the remaining costs due and your Manuscript Assessment Report.

How long does it take?

Once we have your manuscript and deposit, it will take four to six weeks for us to send back your report. If you've paid for the express service, you'll receive your report within two weeks.

What next?

That's up to you. Assessments are designed for you to take as much or as little as you like on board. The report will give you feedback on the strengths and weakness of your manuscript in all relevant areas and it's up to you what you want to do with that. We're always happy to discuss the feedback with you, just send us an email with any questions.

If you've had a manuscript assessed by us before, then you'll get 15% off our normal rates. If you feel you need another assessment after working on your manuscript, then all subsequent assessments for that manuscript will be at 50% our usual rates.

Your Manuscript Assessment Report will also give you some notes on what you might like to do with your manuscript if/once you feel it is ready for the world; this includes avenues for self, indie and traditional publishing you may want to embark upon.

Editing Services

We also offer line edits and proofreading to help you get your manuscript to the next stage, if you feel you need it. You can see our rates by clicking the heading above.

Self-Publisher Services

If you're interested in self-publishing your manuscript, then we also offer formatting and cover design services (for both print and ebook) which you can learn more about by clicking the heading. We also have information about those pesky legal requirements (ISBNs, legal deposits, etc.), as well as platforms/distributors you can use to get your print or electronic book out into the world, and some tips on marketing.