No More Maybes Books

The No More Maybes Books are a pair of companion novels. They both tell Cole's story, the first from Aurora's point of view and the second from Cole's. They are both Young Adult Contemporary Romance. Much like the characters themselves, Aurora's point of view is sweet and clean and Cole's is a little grittier and dirtier - but it is still appropriate for readers aged 15+.

"It would kill the past, and when that was dead he would be free." - Oscar Wilde

Aurora Daniels just wants to get through Year 12 with no distractions. Then, Cole Fielding comes along. As they get closer, so does Cole’s harrowing past. Can she believe in someone who can’t believe in himself? Maybe...

A YA Romance, this is Cole's story told by Aurora. Cole's side coming August 2018.

You've read Hannibal's side. Now, read mine.

Cole Fielding just wants to take care of his little brother without getting anyone else killed. Then he sees Aurora Daniels. His Hannibal. As Cole fights a growing attraction to more than just her body, his past catches up with him. Can he finally be free of it? Is she his Gray's blade?

Finally read the other side of the story, all the parts Aurora never knew.

Gray's Blade
coming soon