Three's a crowd, but four's a war.

After finding my best friend/crush kissing my other best friend, what do I do? Only agree to fake-date my crush's rival, the King of the Bows and all-around douche.

Across the school, battlelines are drawn and sides are taken, but King Douche keeps distracting me from the purpose with his superior acting skills.

Xander calls it 'keeping up appearances'. I call it 'take one more pass at my arse and I'll break your nose'. But, I still keep kissing him.

They say all's fair in love and war, but what's fair about falling for the wrong guy when your best friends are on the other side of the battlelines?

Sometimes you say everything when you say nothing at all.

Mason was supposed to be my John Cusack. But with Roman, I don't have to pretend that little Piper Barlow is as perfect as everyone thinks.

What happens when you accidentally find perfection with the wrong guy?

You fight for it.'s easier.'s safer.'s often not hate at all.

After Jonny's suicide, Brett fell into a depression of his own. And, no one knows how to help him.

Leilani wasn't one to lose herself in meaningless sex. Casper's been doing it for years. It's the only time hate doesn't get int the way.

But, the trouble with hate's often not hate at all.

Would you accept yourself to find your humanity?

Ellie just wants to be a normal human girl, not having to worry she'll accidentally kill someone with her magic. Centuries-old vampire Charles wakes up as a human teenager - complete with parents, homework and hormones - and now has to re-evaluate his life. Lee is a werewolf who is still fighting the change, unsure of the wolf he'll be when he finally regulates.

Despite differences and their own uncertainties, can our three heroes come together to save Ellie's life?

"It would kill the past, and when that was dead he would be free." - Oscar Wilde

Aurora Daniels just wants to get through Year 12 with no distractions. Then, Cole Fielding comes along. As they get closer, so does Cole’s harrowing past. Can she believe in someone who can’t believe in himself? Maybe...

A YA Romance, this is Cole's story told by Aurora. Cole's side coming August 2018.

A modern reimagining of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice.

"It is a truth universally assumed that a stupidly rich boy must be in want of a girlfriend.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a girl who has just travelled half a world must be in want of a bed.

Sadly, neither are on the dance card this evening..."

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