unvamped series

The unvamped series is a series of three Young Adult Paranormal romance books about learning to accept yourself for the person you are. It follows three main characters - Charles (a 700+ year old vampire), Ellie (a witch), and Lee (a werewolf) - as they navigate their way through life's ups and downs and try to come out the other side alive. A series about life, love and friendship.

Would you accept yourself to find your humanity?

Ellie just wants to be a normal human girl, not having to worry she'll accidentally kill someone with her magic. Centuries-old vampire Charles wakes up as a human teenager - complete with parents, homework and hormones - and now has to re-evaluate his life. Lee is a werewolf who is still fighting the change, unsure of the wolf he'll be when he finally regulates.

Despite differences and their own uncertainties, can our three heroes come together to save Ellie's life?

Wolf out. Bite down. Go wild.

Between keeping Lee in check on a full moon, issues with Ellie, and someone killing his descendants, Charles' first year at university is less than ideal. He's constantly saving everyone else, but who'll save him?

Wild sides are revealed as our trio realise it's one thing to accept yourself and another to control yourself. Especially when you don't want to.

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Immortality is a bitch.

Ellie's fine on her own; she's powerful and free. Lee's got a handle on his wolf, but it feels like he's forgotten something. Charles is done; what use is an old vampire when his friends have moved on?

Sometimes, it takes a life-time to find yourself.

Sometimes, you just have to accept you change.

And, sometimes you've just got to live with who you are.